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Painting in progress

I have moved from the clay phase to the painting phase, and July will be a non-gallery flatbed fair. About 15 paintings, mostly small, are planned for the fair. Be cute!

I recently visited my favorite Matisse exhibit and am feeling more positive about the bright colors.

Pottery art clay shaping

I spent the national holiday quietly making clay. Do you know what shape it is? I’m excited to see if I can make it look kawaii.

After I started working with clay, I began to pay attention not only to ceramics but also to sculptures, plastic models, soft vinyl, and other three-dimensional shapes and coloring methods. Recently, I have come to feel the uniqueness of little shapes and brush strokes, and I think that the world changes so much when I do it myself.

ZINE “Days of Blossom” @Mori Art Museum shop

Made a zine on the theme of flowers. It is available at the Roppongi Hills Mori Art Museum shop.

State of the shop 🌸

Day of Blossom
¥1650(tax inc.)


Roppongi Hills West Walk 3F
Open 11:00~21:00

Pre-Fair Check at bookstore and so on

I will continue to update the site every Monday.

Last week I pre-checked for the July fair. It is time to concentrate on production.

The zine is being reprinted to change the binding method. More details will be posted over the weekend.

We also accept client work (=^x^=) It is fun to create with a team.

Wishing you a good week.

Upcoming News

It’s getting warmer and my favorite season is approaching. 2 announcements about what planning to do soon.A zine of works with flower motifs will be released at the Mori Museum shop in Roppongi Hills within this month, and a series of animals based on masterpieces will be held in Ginza in July. More details are coming soon.Hope I can make something cute!

Pottery being made for fair
ZINE in progress

Monday is site update day

The website will be updated every Monday from now on. Check it out. ※The photo is irrelevant, the state of my recent favorite making pottery:)

Ceramic artwork

Here are my first ceramic rings💍 Sparkling eyes and ribbons🐱🐱🐼🎀

I am interested in ceramics and would like to express myself in a three dimensional way. I am practicing and preparing to present something at the exhibition in July.

Interpet 2023

Interpet is Japan’s largest pet industry fair. I visited because Plaiaden, who I made illustration for press had a booth.

Website renewal

Website has been renewed. Hope activities will spread to the world. Please bookmark:)

Special Thanks to Sugiyama Atsushi (pictron web planning)

Client work |PLAIADEN PRESS cover(Vol.10)

Cover visual and cut illustration for additive-free dog food “Play Arden” U^ェ^U

Client: Plaiaden
AD/D : Naohiro Kamiya(Rand,)