Loving Masterpiece Collection in Kyoto @Kyoto TSUTAYA BOOKS

The second “Loving Masterpiece Collection” with the theme of animals and famous art will be held at the Kyoto Tsutaya bookstore from March 1 (Fri.), 2024.

In honor of Kyoto, I also created a homage to famous Japanese art👘✨

Exhibition information and online sales of the works will be posted on the Tsutaya website soon.
You can take home your works except for some of them. If interested in any of the artworks, please come early☺️

I will be at the store from March 1 (Fri.) to 3 (Sun.). Please come and see me and art!

Loving Masterpiece Collection in Kyoto

会場|京都 蔦屋書店書店 京都髙島屋S.C. 6階ギャラリー前
時間|10:00~20:00 ※最終日は18時まで
とや在店|3月1日(金)~3日(日)  1日10:30〜, 2日以降12:30~18:00頃