7.1 (Sat) – 31 (Mon) Ginza Tsutaya “Loving Masterpiece Collection”

From July 1 (Sat) to 31 (Mon), 2023, Ginza Tsutaya will hold an exhibition of works entitled “Loving Masterpiece Collection”. he fair will focus on works based on the theme of animals and masterpieces, with the hope of creating a corner of the bookstore as a private museum, paying homage to the masters and masterpieces, and creating a lovely world with my own expression.In addition to original works (about 15 pieces including miniatures), I also created ceramic objects, accessories, tote bags, etc. as PUCHICA.Please come and see my works!

■ Chicaco Toya  “Loving Masterpiece Collection
Dates: July 1 (Sat) – July 31 (Mon), 2023 
Hours: 10:30 – 21:00  (Last day until 17:00)
Venue: Ginza Tsutaya (GINZA SIX 6F)
Admission: Free
Sponsor: Ginza Tsutayanquiries: 03-3575-7755 (during business hours) /info.ginza@ccc.co.jp

Artists’ schedule
7/1(Sat) 10:30-18:00
7/2(Sun) 12:00-18:00
7/15(Sat) 13:00-17:00
7/30 (Sun) 13:00-17:00

Press Release

About the sale 
Sales will begin at 10:30 on July 1, 2023 (Sat) in-store and online.
*Some titles will only be available in-store.

Works to be sold online (6 works below)
Online T-shite shopping is available in the article