All summer exhibitions are over
and future plans

All the summer exhibitions are over, thank you!

This year’s year-end and New Year group exhibition at Ginza Mitsukoshi has been decided. And before that, there will be one exhibition of some kind, which is currently being adjusted.

Next year will probably be a masterpiece series in Taiwan. I would like to hold a solo exhibition in Japan that is not a series of masterpieces, although the location and schedule are undecided. And I want to make it into a picture book! !

More and more, I want to create a slightly strange and cute world. Thank you for your continued support.

Starting from Hankyu department store, Isetan Urawa store, Shinjuku Isetan and my Apple Bear participated. Thank you for welcoming. Hope you enjoy!

■Yuko Yoshioka Tribute Exhibition
It was a short period of 6 days in the hot weather, but thank you for coming to many people. I made straight pieces of a dachshund. I’m thinking of selling one of the waiting items on my online shop.It was a good time.Thank you everyone!


■Loving Masterpiece Collection
A one-month fair inside the Ginza Tsutaya bookstore. It was decided in the spring, and we managed to hold the fair with the postponement of the Taiwan project. It was a period of trial and error in a blessed place where many people from various countries came and went. I will continue to brush up and develop the same theme. The Panda will appear again🎀